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exposing imperfections to the public eye [entries|friends|calendar]
exposing imperfections to the public eye

beating heart baby
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[15 May 2009|01:41pm]

Undress our men with the flick of your wrist! Inside the cap of our custom tube is a photo of a yummy man. Tilt the tube back-and-forth to strip them to their undies! (We've even included front and rear photos.) Whether you swoon for a future senator or a tree-hugger, one of our men is sure to please you. Our guys make awesome gifts for bachelorette parties, baby showers, or b-days.

hahhahaha really????
kiss for luck.

[15 Mar 2009|11:14pm]
thank goodness for digital photography. i cleaned out my room and found allll the photo albums from all the concerts we've attended from years past. from the calling to maroon 5 to gavin to simple plan and the backstreet boys. i would have a good 20 more albums if we were still predominantly using film photography. and i'd have no clue where i would store them. i don't know whether to scan all the pictures and store them in my external drive, or like....put them in a bin. it was such a trip down memory lane looking through them all though. i miss the calling.
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[19 Jul 2006|12:01am]
i'm currently FRIENDS ONLY.
and not looking.
[have fun swaying me?]

new layout!

picture credit to [kurt♥]
header lyrics by [head automatica]
comment lyrics by [gym class heroes]
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~*~Grammys Part 2~*~ [26 Feb 2003|06:54pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

alright, so let me try to finish this blasted thing
so where was i? oh, going to get seats. we got seats on the right side of the stage, a few rows back from the tables which they set up for vip people. GREAT view of everything. there was this one girl who sat two rows in front of us. omg. could she expose anymore of her body??? lemme explain. she wore this shirt which was cut totally up the sides, she wore NO bra and everytime she moved her boobs were exposed. i mean, she had a good body and her boobies were perky, but seriously now, if i wanna see boobs i'll watch some porn thankyouverymuch. and the girls who sat in front of me had seriously 6 beers each. one right after the other and at times, one in each hand. i understand that they allow you to drink, but c'mon that's a lil too much. margarett got me a rum&coke since i wasn't smart enough to take the wristband when they offered it. 1. not enough rum in it 2. the coke was practically flat 3. not enough ice. and wtf? you got two complimentary drinks, not the non-alcoholic kind. you had to PAY for regular drinks. whatever.

anywho, the event was hosted by the always funny Whoopie Goldberg with guest appearances by Wyclef Jean, Jamie Lynn Sigler, John Leguizamo, Harry Whateverhislastnameis (the gay uncle from Mrs. Doubtfire), annnnnnnnnnnnd CYNDI LAUPER. *fannie gushed a puddle* Pete Yorn and Coldplay performed after the viewing party. *double gushed*

Ms. Whoopie never ceases to make me laugh. she came out every commercial break to talk to us and stuff. �we've got a dick running the country. well...and a bush and a fucking colon. a bush, a dick, and a colon. the only bush i trust is my own.' and she also told a very erm...vivid...story about her first time waxing her erm...�bush.' she kept telling us she was menopausal. thank you, like i care. she also hit on several of the guys in the audience. and let some guy take a drag of her ciggie (i guess if you're famous no one cares that you're a probable fire hazard at MSG). highlight of the night?? when whoopie was backstage and mr. mayor. michael bloomberg was on stage jibby-jabbering, i think whoopie forgot to turn off her mics, cuz she let out the loudest laugh in world inbetween spurts of �that idiot' and �fucking idiot.'

my only rant about the grammys is that there were way too many performances (even though most of them were AMAZING). and how everyone got a lifetime award of sorts.

me and meesa were misty eyed when 2/3 of the beegees brought up maurice's son to accept the award they were given. he looks soooo much like his father. misty eyed part 2: when they had the clip of all the artists who passed away this past �grammy year.'

Pete Yorn took the stage like 15 mins after the grammys were over. k-rock hosted the �grammy after party.' Cane was there to introduce the acts. i miss that boy. *sigh* the two drunk girls in front of us would not sit their asses down! dude, everyone else was sitting and they're just up and dancing and shit, even the guy in back of us were like �bitches, sit yer asses down.' *gigglesnort* (erotica:: there was a guy from guster with him -pete yorn- who played percussion) Pete was pretty good, i only recognized one of the songs he did though.

Coldplay played, i think, a 6 song set plus like 2 mins of a new song but Chris said it was complete �rubbish.' he's so cute. and he goes all out when he's playing guitar/piano while singing. like melissa said �why is he contorting?" hee. he threw in some avril between the songs. everyone loves avril. <3

the whole shabang ended a lil before 1am. we walked up the stairs and pitied the people who had to clean the whole place up. you would think grown ups were less capable of making messes....margarett took the train home, me and meesa fought other people for cabs. and hi, since when does NO ONE know how to get back into brooklyn??? we had to ask 4 different cabbies before we got one who could take us home safely. �no. sorry, the brooklyn bridge doesn't go into brooklyn.' wtf?

so i got home around 1:30. showered. sat around. blank stare. and woke up the next day at 3pm.
hi. i dled a client thingy and i'm trying it out now.

kiss for luck.

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